Coming From and Getting to the Airport

Coming From and Getting to the Airport

Arriving from Pearson International Airport

At Pearson International Airport, to get to Union Station, we suggest taking the Union Pearson Express train. This can be found by following the “UP” signs. This will take you to Union Station, from whence one can take the Line 1 subway north to a venue or hotel. (

Arriving from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

From Billy Bishop Airport a shuttle service to Union Station is available every 15 minutes.

Taxis and Limousines at the Airports

At Pearson International Airport, licensed taxis and limousines must have a GTAA number plate on the bumper and window, and will be available at designated taxi and limousines stands. At Terminal 1, taxis are at Door D and limousines at Door C. At Terminal 3, taxis are at Doors D, E, & F, and limousines at Door F.

Both taxis and limousines have flat fares to and from the airport. Taxi fares to Toronto south of Bloor St are $53 and north of Bloor St west of Yonge St are $54 and east of Yonge St are $56. Limousine fares to Toronto south of Bloor St are $58 and north of Bloor St west of Yonge St are $59 and east of Yonge St are $62. They can also be booked online.

At Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, taxis are usually found at the taxi stand on the mainland outside the ferry terminal. Limousines may need to be booked in advance and companies can be found online. While Taxis may use a metre, to a hotel in Toronto they may cost around $20. Booked Limousines may have a flat fare of $50 to hotels in Toronto.

Note that taxis and limousines accept credit cards and are not permitted to charge extra for their use. However, they are not required to accept debit cards.

Also note that %13 tax is applied to all costs and tipping around %15 is expected.

Getting Around in Toronto

Getting Around in Toronto


There are four subway lines. In the city centre, the main lines are 1 Yonge-University (North South), and 2 Bloor-Danforth (East West). Line 1 operates north and south on University Avenue and Yonge Street, with both sides meeting at Union Station. If arriving by VIA Rail or Amtrak train, you will probably arrive at Union Station.

Line 1 is the primary way to get to and from downtown. The University of Toronto is primarily accessible at Queen’s Park, Museum, and St. George Stations, which are on the University Avenue side of Line 1. When coming to the University of Toronto from Union Station, take the University Line 1 North to whichever station is closest to your venue.

Line 2 operates on Bloor and Danforth avenues, east and west, and can be accessed by transferring from Line 1 at St. George or Bloor-Yonge Stations. (

To get to the Bahen Centre from Queen’s Park Station, walk west on College Street for five minutes, then walk north on St George Street for one minute. The Bahen Centre will be on the west side of St George Street.

Subway Map


Busses and Streetcars

Bus routes and streetcars connect to most subway stations. Check signage in stations for details. Full system map can be found here:



Taxis in Toronto are easy to find on the curb of a major street, and you can hail them when their rooftop light is on (indicating that they are not engaged). Otherwise, taxis can be hailed through taxi brokerage phone numbers, or taxi brokerage phone apps. Taxi fares to the airport may be flat fees, and taxis will have a map to indicate these, however, within the city, taxis are required to use a meter.

Taxi meters have a starting fare of $3.25 and add $0.25 every 0.143 km (around 2 blocks) or 29 seconds of waiting time. For more than 4 passengers, there is an extra charge of $2. %13 tax is included in the fare, and the expected tip is %15. Most cabs should have a point of sales terminal for credit cards, but they are not required to accept debit cards.

Keep in mind, taxis must have a GTAA number plate on the bumper and sticker on the window. They are not permitted to charge extra for the use of credit card. Moreover, prices in Toronto taxis are highly regulated, and are not permitted to surge price. Ensure the meter is on, and do not pay more than the meter price, except as tip or when using a flat fare to the airport. Uber is also a licensed brokerage for dispatching licensed taxicabs, but as the UberX service dispatches unlicensed drivers and cars, it is considered illegal.

Near our venue, there are taxi stands at the corners of College St and University Ave and College St and Spadina Ave, however, taxis may not always be present at them.



Toronto has a number of bike lanes, and this is a popular mode of transport in the city. The city’s bike rental service can be accessed at Keep in mind that in Toronto it is illegal to ride a bike on a sidewalk and electric motored bikes may not use bike lanes or trails.

Finding the Conference Venues

Finding the Conference Venues


Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Registration, Panels, Sections, and Evening Sessions
40 St. George Street

The Bahen Centre is a state of the art facility for IT education and research, and is perfectly suited for a conference of our size and requirements. It is located on 40 St. George Street, just one minute walk north of College Street. If arriving by subway, it is recommended that you disembark at Queen’s Park Station on Line 1, and either walk six minutes west on College Street to St. George Street, or take streetcar #506 westbound two stops to the St George Street stop.

If arriving early, pre-registration occurs at 15:00 to 18:00 on Saturday, August 19th, in the Atrium of the Bahen Centre on the ground floor.

Registration is open from 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday, August 20th, in the Atrium of the Bahen Centre on the ground floor.

Panels and Sections
All panels and sections occur in classrooms and lecture halls on the ground floor and on the first floor of the Bahen Centre.

Map of Bahen Centre Interior Floor 1
Map of Bahen Centre Interior Floor 2
Map of Bahen Centre Interior Basement


Convocation Hall

Convocation Hall

Opening Session and General Meeting
31 King’s College Circle

Convocation Hall is a domed rotunda used for convocation ceremonies and other large events. It will be the venue for our opening session and general meeting.

Opening Session
The opening session occurs at 15:00 to 17:00 on Sunday, August 20th.

General Meeting
The general meeting occurs at 18:00 to 19:30 on Friday, August 25th.

Map of Convocation Hall Interior


Hart House, The Great Hall

Hart House, The Great Hall

Welcome Reception and Farewell Dinner
7 Hart House Circle

Hart House is a Gothic-revival complex that serves as a student activity centre and the Great Hall on the east side of the building will be the venue for our welcome reception and farewell dinner.

Welcome Reception
The welcome reception occurs at 18:00 to 20:00 on Sunday, August 20th.

Farewell Dinner
The farewell dinner occurs at 20:00 to 22:00 on Friday, August 25th.

Map of Hart House Main Level


Level B1, Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park

The Royal Ontario Museum, Signy and Cléophée Eaton Theatre

The Ho Foundation Roundtable
Level B1, Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park

The Eaton Theatre is used for lectures and presentations at the Royal Ontario Museum. The entrance is at the south side of the building.

The Ho Foundation Centre Roundtable
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of
Toronto: Roundtable will occur at 18:00 to 19:30 on Monday, August 21st.

The south side entrance of the building is located opposite side of building to the main entrance on Bloor Street, and faces south where the domed Planetarium structure is. It is located just down the staircases leading down from the street level, leading to the UofT Philosopher’s Walk towards the Faculty of Music as well as Royal Conservatory of Music. At the entrance there will be a registration/welcome desk there and security staff to help. Participants are expected to walk straight down to the theatre at their sightline.

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